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Before we get into the reasons I started down this route…you have to ask yourself the same question.

You are here…

You are reading this…

So you must be considering following the same, or similar path. So the real question should be asked of you!

But let me tell you my story…

I will try to keep it brief, because I can go on a bit if left to my own devices. Life is just too short to spend most of it in an office and not living it full on. So I left the corporate world to change my life across the continent.

I have heard countless people say the same thing. Unfortunately many just think it, want it, say it, but never do anything about it.

I guess it is fear holding them back. For me I would rather try and fail than live my life wondering ‘what if?’ So as they say I ‘felt the fear and did it anyway’ but not without some preparation.

Moving across the globe to a low cost of living country, definitely has its perks and this part of the world is stunningly beautiful.

But it is cheap not free!

You have a way to earn a living. A pot of money won’t last forever.

Pension Pittance

I am a way away from retirement age.

In fact it seems to be getting further away as they continuously move the goalposts.

To be honest it will be unlikely to keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed anyway as I didn’t contribute in full.

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The UK Government are doing a great job of making life difficult. Pretty much anyone that is not already in receipt of their pension is suffering.

Are you one of them? I am pretty sure I’m not alone…

High Street Heist

There was a time when banks demanded respect. If you had a few savings you would happily trust them with your hard earned cash and gather up the few pennies in interest with gratitude.

That time has gone.

Digital currencies, embezzlement and corruption along with fat cat salaries and pathetically low or high interest rates (depending on which side of the fence you happen to be sitting on) have almost certainly sealed the fate of the high street institutions.

So the ‘why’ is easy. I have no salary to support me, I don’t foresee any significant input from the government and I don’t have enough cash around me to make the 1.5-2% offerings from the high street a potential solution.

You have to have money to make money. This is something I’ve heard and believed throughout my life, and I still believe this to a certain extent.

However, with this method the value that represents ‘having money’ is much lower than it has been in years.

Now is definitely the time to get in and get earning to make that small pot bigger.

If not for a monthly wage right this second but to prepare yourself well for the future. For what ‘Freedom‘ means for you, to find you’re own WHY. Or just sign up for my guide and join me on this journey.

Interested? Read on and see ‘what‘ I did.

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