Links to the P2P Platforms I use.

I wanted to share the P2P Platforms I invest in and give you a brief summary of my thoughts on each one. I hope you find this helpful in making your own decision to take control of your own money.


This was the first platform I invested in and continues to be an important part of my strategy. Click on the image below to register and start on the journey to making your money work for you.


As my strategy changes to invest 100% in Ethical Projects, Wisefund has become and important partner in my developing aims.

Great P2P Platform with good returns and protection.

If you use my affiliate link to register and invest on this platform, you too will be rewarded with 0.5% cash back on all investments made for the first 270 days – win win. Please click on the image to the right.


I love this platform. It offers higher than norm returns, but doesn’t cover everything with a buy back guarantee so read the details of the projects you invest in. I have chosen some ethical projects with a 5% penalty which I am happy to risk given the 16-19% APR offered.

Great P2P Platform with interesting projects.

Again please use my affiliate link left so we can both profit a little.


This is a fairly new addition to my investment strategy, mainly due to the great Ethical Projects that keep popping up. I actually had no money available to invest so moved money into here to take advantage and support ethical investing.

Note this platform does not allow investment from the USA. For us in Europe they offer great returns and really good security. Click on the image below to register.


This is essentially a real estate platform, but it does have some really interesting housing projects that sit well with my ethical intentions.

However you should be aware that there is little protection on this platform and you are at the mercy of the housing market so if it crashes you may lose your investment or need to hold while the market recovers.

I only have minimum invested here. Please read the site and project details carefully before investing. If you decide to join me please use the link below.


Another of the major players in P2P Investment Platforms and another one of my first. This site works really well, gives great buy back guarantees and has an auto invest strategy that is really easy to use.


A fairly new platform but definitely an emerging strength. Their returns are not quite as attractive but their customer support is amazing and their auto invest very simple.

IUVO P2P Investieren

Be The Change

I hope you enjoy P2P as much as I do and take control of your savings and your future. Grab my guide to help you on your way!

Check out my Portfolio update (every month) to see how I’m doing and check out my Blog for some great ideas.

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