If you are over 50 and planning for your retirement or thinking about it, I hope you enjoy these lists.

In this one I am deliberately being be controversial, in order to make you think and to trigger those emotions.

It is meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek and it might raise an eyebrow or make you want to throw your phone at me. Enjoy!

Top 5 Reasons Why Women Over 50 Should NOT Invest

  1. A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen.

    Ha! Now I have your attention. How crazy is this concept? I mean why the kitchen, what is wrong with the rest of the house? 🙂

  2. Investing is WAY too Complicated for a Woman to Understand.

    Well if you’re anything like me, this will make you want to prove that statement wrong and be the best damn investor those men have ever seen!

  3. My Husband Controls the Finances and I don’t Need to get Involved.

    Hell yeah, we all know we like to let him think he controls things, don’t we?. Time for us to take control (even if it’s only our own pot)

  4. We Would Rather Blow it All on New Hair and Nails.

    For those that know me you know how ridiculous this suggestion is. I’m lucky if I remember to remove the garden dirt from under my nails and mixing concrete doesn’t really go too well with a French manicure.

  5. We are Control Freaks – What we are doing is right and we don’t need your help.

    Ha ha, well part of that is true about me, I do like to be in control, but my partner will readily let you know I’m not always right (apparently).

Who Still Thinks Like This?

Clearly these are meant to be fun, but some people really do still think like this. I know it’s crazy isn’t it! In this day and age!

Women are empowering women and taking control of their own futures, therefore it will surprise you to learn that people still think like this.

What would you say if I told you that some of these thoughts are those of women!?

In the next list we will look at why older women don’t invest rather than ‘shouldn’t’ and take away some of the emotive language. Maybe you’ll see what I mean and start planning for retirement at 50 or over. It’s never too late.

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