This title made me smile. It reminded me of playing cards with my Mum when I was young, I think it was called Pontoon or as other’s may know it, Black Jack. When the question was asked ‘stick or twist?’, I was always going bust because I just couldn’t resist an extra twist.

That theory changes when you put away the matchsticks and start playing with real money.

Sticking to My Guns

As you might gather from my intro, it was no easy feat, to not invest more into the various platforms. I said at the end of September though that this is what I’d do. So I did…almost…

There were some super projects that went live this month (Oct) and I had to sit on my hands.

It made me think though that if I got more involved and took more time to scrutinise the details of everything I invested in. Rather than using the Auto-Invest features, I could steer my money into more ethical projects.

Ethical Journey

So, no I didn’t invest more money! But yes I did move some around. The Mintos Invest & Access feature worked really well for me here. I had been testing it out, so I could let you guys know what it was like, and therefore I had some cash sitting in this pot.

I removed a couple of thousand Euros and spread them across the new ethical projects that were going live. It was really simple to do and took only 24 hrs to liquidate my funds.

Challenging Myself

I am not one to rest on my laurels and despite being ahead of my target at this point, I want more. Not more money, but more control. I want to be proud of my investments as well as enjoying the returns.

My challenge is to work towards 100% ethical investment.

I currently only spend around 15-20 mins a week checking my funds. Taking on this challenge, I envisage a little increase in my effort, but also a vast increase in my peace of mind.

Results So Far

My aim at this point was to be earning 250 Euros a month passive income. I am earning more than this, which for me is amazing. I know I can do better though so watch this space.

Stick or twist? I held firm.
Stick or twist? The distribution changed, but the funds didn't.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is as close to passive income as you can get and that will do for me! If you want to find out more – get my Guide and learn how to do this for yourself.

Or just read my blog and hopefully get inspired to do something to plan for your future, it doesn’t have to be the same as me, find something that is right for you.

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