New Year, Same Mantra

Making my money work for me has been my mantra since I started this in April 2019. Putting money into a high street account where it makes 2% if you’re lucky, made absolutely no sense to me. I wanted it to work for me, not the other way around.

But and it is a big BUT, I have been having a major wobble this last couple of months. Not to do with my investments but whether I should continue updating this website and managing an associated Instagram and Facebook account.

Simply put – I’m making decent return on my investment. It is exciting watching my money work for me and compounding my earnings month on month. Yet I have tried to spread the word amongst others that need a little extra income and nobody seems to be that interested.

Why do I care? I’m not sure really. I thought when I started this that it was an amazing thing I’d found. Relatively low risk investment with total control and better than average returns. I was excited about it (still am), but it is a little like going on a fabulous adventure alone and telling people about it afterwards.

The greatest adventures are when you have someone alongside you to share them with.

However, I still like looking back at my portfolio and seeing how far I’ve come. So even if I only do this for me it is worth it. Here is what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months.

Making Money

I haven’t increased my investment in terms of overall value, but I have moved it around a little. This was driven by two things. Firstly my desire to try and increase my ‘ethical’ project investments. And secondly the fact that the APR on Mintos was reducing quite quickly.

Making my money work for me across multiple platforms
Platform Split by %

Don’t get me wrong I love Mintos and still have a large chunk invested there, but this is not about loyalty, it is about making money and other platforms were offering better returns.

Due to this movement I didn’t quite make the return I expected in November, in fact it was 26% lower than in October. It has started to pick back up though and December saw me increase November’s earnings by 23% so just shy of back to where I was.

Performance 2019

All in all the graph is only going one way. I’m now thinking of diversifying even further and investing in a rental property somewhere – not decided where yet so watch this space.

Here’s to 2020 being the year of success, excitement, adventure and learning new things!

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