During the month of June I held my position. Despite no new investment my money still grew while I slept. It is not making me a millionaire but it is a true passive income.

I did some more research, more talking to platforms and found out a lot of interesting information, which I thought I’d share with you. Hopefully it will save you the pain of going down this rabbit hole.

Not so Fast

Did I lose any money? No! Time and energy? Yes! which if you have read My Story and the Freedom page you’ll understand both are very precious to me.

What am I talking about? Well there is a P2P platform called FastInvest. I can’t give you a full and fair review of their platform as I haven’t used it. I found their support team actually very helpful. However, I’m not investing in their system and this is why…

If you google them you will find that they are logged as being a UK company.

Taken from Google home page

No Thanks, You’re British

If you try to register on their platform you are asked for your Nationality. Unfortunately no version of United Kingdom, British, English or Great Britain exists. I trawled up and down their list of nationalities and couldn’t find anything that related to me.

Apparently they don’t accept investments from anyone in the UK or USA. They have virtual offices in the UK and in Italy but because I am British I cannot invest. Even though I am located in Europe and wanting to invest in Euros, they will not allow this to happen.

I still don’t understand their reasoning and looking at some forums I am not alone suffering from their lack of open discussion on the subject.

So moving away from this, I held steady with my other investments. A new project was launched on Envestio, but I missed it because I was out kayaking…sometime life just gets in the way!

Despite no new investments my profit increased (you can even see it on the graph now) to 224.56 Euros…all in all I’m happy with my choices.

Check in next month to see my progress…

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