My first investment after much research was done on the Mintos platform. I particularly liked the way the platform worked. The way they offered a Buy Back Guarantee on most of their loans. And how simple the Auto Invest was to set up.

I invested the relatively small sum of 1000 Euros into two separate auto invest strategies. The platform allows you to choose which countries the loans originate from. What interest levels you want to earn and what type of loan you would like to invest in.

You really could break it down into whatever sector or global location you wanted to. It felt like I was in control of my own destiny.

I selected different settings to see how this affected each of the strategies. This helped me to understand how to tweak them in the future. Importantly, with this, my investment was now diversified over no less than 80 different loans.

That is an average of 12.5 Euros in each loan and thus minimizing my risk levels.

The chart below represents the start of my journey so felt I needed to document it. Despite there being nothing to see here.

My plan is long term. Right now the % APR is just under 12% which is way better than any high street institution could offer. So I have dipped my toe in the water, will you join me?

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Take a look at my next update to see what I did next.

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