Over the month of August I invested funds in a total of FIVE platforms and have very little ‘dead cash’. In fact to be precise I have a total across all platforms of 62.74 sitting doing nothing. This is only around 12.5 euros per site on average.

I’m pretty happy with that!

In It For the Money

We don’t do this for fun, we do it to earn money so just having my funds invested is not enough. I need to earn money too.

And that is what is happening.

As things currently stand I am averaging a whopping 13.93 %APR across the five platforms, this is just perfect and not even close to what I would have received on the high street.

Brexit Bull

I am not going to get political here. I have lived in the UK when we were not part of the EU and I have lived there when we were joined at the hip.

Quite frankly I have no idea what will happen over the next few months. All I do know is many online financial platforms are sending me emails informing me they are moving their services to Ireland.

Neteller, Skrill, Coinbase have all sent me emails, but the most disconcerting of them all was the notification I got from Mintos.

I am an affiliate of Mintos. Their platform is great and I readily invest and promote their services. However, they have now temporarily suspended new investments from British Citizens.

I know they are working to find a solution to this and I really hope they find one soon.

Destination Focus

So what have I achieved? Quite a lot this month actually. I’ve made some money and started inching closer to my goals.

I’ve finished creating my Step-by-Step Guide …sign up, it might help you a little, you have nothing to lose it is totally free.

I also created lots of bonus material to go along with this guide so don’t miss out even if you decide not to invest. If you move money around or exchange currencies this will save you money.

So here’s what my portfolio looks like right now. I need to double my investment value to meet my goals … one step at a time.

Giving Back

Once I reach a certain profit figure I have decided to start giving back a little. I intend to reinvest 1% of my profit to Kiva. If you have never heard of them, go take a look at my latest blog article – Balancing Ethics.

Until next month

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