The Half Way Mark

I am so glad I found P2P investing allowing me to earn high interest returns on a relatively small investment amount. I love learning new things and this has been so much fun. Watching the money going up and knowing that I am already half way to achieving my goal is amazing!

Speculate to Accumulate

This month I have added new platforms to my portfolio and I am excited to share this with you.

Since starting this blog I have been approached by several companies. Some even offering funding to trial their platforms. However, after much research I selected two new ones to add to my portfolio.

Reading comments by other investors in groups I’m now involved in I firstly chose to try out Wisefund and could not be happier.

Their loans are mostly covered by a buy back guarantee (I only choose the ones that are). They offer higher than normal interest rates, which makes me a little suspicious, but you have to speculate a little to accumulate.

I am earning an average of 18.1% across my loans on this new platform. You must be able to see my smile for miles. I just hope it doesn’t bite me in the bum!

Skin in the Game

The second new platform came about as I got caught up in the pre-launch hype of Mafia Stars, a mobile gaming app. I haven’t invested massively and have split my investment with another opportunity, which lowers my expected return slightly.

The other company is in forestry management though. This is important in managing climate change so is a subject close to my heart.

I am yet to see any return, though, as my first repayment is not due for six months. I’m not sure I like this as much as the monthly income I am getting elsewhere. Time will tell.

Investment Goals

In order to reach the half-way mark of my portfolio value I needed to add in some more funds to existing platforms.

Which ones to choose? I split these funds between three new projects that appeared on Envestio and two exciting projects in Crowdestate which are still pending.

The most exciting thing about reaching this milestone in my investment journey is that I have only just invested half the money I expect to need. Yet I have already reached half my monthly return goal.

This means when the new money takes hold and starts earning its keep, I will be futher ahead than expected.

Some of this has to do with compound interest, the reinvestment of earned interest into new projects and partially due to the time it has taken me to get to this point.

Every cloud! So in order to establish my position more clearly I am going to hold on further investments for October and see how we go.

Earn high interest returns with P2P
Portfolio Position

DIY Investing

Don’t forget I have written a FREE Guide to help you do this for yourself. You too can earn high interest returns from P2P investment. I have not regretted a second.

See you next month

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