This is the second part of my planning for retirement at 50 series.

Yesterday we looked a little tongue-in-cheek at why we as women in our 50’s and older shouldn’t invest.

I suggested that often it was us saying negative things about ourselves. So here is a different way of looking at that same list, minus the emotive language.

Top 5 Reasons Women Over 50 DON’T Invest

  1. We are busy juggling careers, college kids, keeping house, tending to pets, managing the family. Therefore, whilst our place may not ‘be’ in the kitchen. We are all very stretched in our day-to-day that we don’t take the time to breathe and look ahead.

  2. Many of us didn’t grow up using computers and therefore we are slightly nervous of them. It certainly isn’t ‘too complicated’ for us. It is just that we don’t have the confidence to ‘jump in’ to an online environment.

  3. We have a good career and/or our partners have good careers. We are paying into the state pension and we don’t think we need to do any further investment. Rather than solely relying on our husband, it is often the household income that lulls us into a false sense of security.

  4. It is not something that is spoken about frequently within our support network. Therefore it is not something that readily sits at the forefront of our brains. It never becomes that curiosity, that action taking plan.

  5. We have never found the right company. We are looking for someone we can trust, some initial face to face guidance and hand holding. Not to relinquish our control to some faceless corporate firm.

I’m guessing those ‘5 reasons why women over 50 don’t invest’ might resonate a little more with you than the ‘5 reasons why women over 50 shouldn’t invest‘, but I hope you can see the similarity too. I also hope it starts to make you think about why you should start planning for your retirement at 50. It’s never too late.

So now let me show you why you SHOULD invest.

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